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Revelation of Taste –

When Wine Finds Its Glass
Revelation of Taste – When Wine Finds Its Glass

When tasting wine, we typically delve into the winemaker's story, grape variety, terroir; we're intrigued by the journey from soil to the cellar. However, when we bring wine home to share with loved ones and friends, we seldom realize that an important tool lands in our hands – the glasses we use to serve the wine.

In the world of wine, each sip transforms into an unforgettable event, and every aroma unfolds a story through our senses. In the pursuit of perfect enjoyment, every element contributing to this magical experience must be considered. Among these elements, glasses play a crucial role, supporting the richness of flavors and aromas down to the finest detail.

As Medot is renowned for classic sparkling wines, we've dedicated special attention to selecting the right glass for a genuine experience of the complexities of our sparkling wines. We want to share with you some key features to help you choose the perfect glass for your favorite bubbles.

Wine is a work of art!

Glass Shape: A Play of Sensations

The shape of the glass has a strong impact on our experience of aroma and taste. Primarily, it holds aesthetic significance – a glass is designed to emphasize the visual appeal of the sparkling wine. The slim and elegant appearance of the glass adds prestige and charm to the sparkling wine-drinking experience. The glass shape also plays a crucial role in preserving the bubbles in the sparkling wine. It allows the sparkling wine bubbles to be better preserved and rise to the surface, which contributes to the freshness and lightness of the taste. The magic of sparkling wines is revealed through the gentle ascent of bubbles, guiding us into a world of entertainment and celebration.


Thin Rim of the Glass: Lips Meeting Perfection

As our lips touch the rim of the glass, our journey begins. The thin rim of a sparkling wine glass allows a gentle contact of the lips with the liquid, providing a perfect experience of a refined, elegant sparkling taste. The shape of the glass directs aromas towards the nose while allowing the flavors of the sparkling wine to develop optimally. Every drop that touches the lips reveals a story about terroir, vintage, and the winemaker's expertise.

Material of the Glasses: Crystal Elegance

Sparkling wine glasses are often made of crystal, a material that accentuates elegance and the purity of taste. Crystal glasses refract light in a special way, further enhancing the aesthetic perception of sparkling wines. Additionally, crystal maintains the temperature of the sparkling wine and allows it to be served at the exact right temperature, crucial for revealing all nuances of taste.


Glasses for Different Types of Sparkling Wines

In the world of sparkling wines, there are many styles, so glasses for sparkling wines also vary depending on the type of sparkling wine. For complex sparkling wines with elegant bubbles, such as Medot sparkling wines, we recommend a glass with a sufficiently large surface for flavors and aromas to develop nicely, and the bottom is designed in such way to gently guide bubbles towards the edge of the glass. Bubbles on a smooth and flat bottom of the glass quickly dissipate, so choose glasses specifically designed for sparkling wines that take this into account, as the shape of the bottom is what gives bubbles the boost to their final dance.

Wine is a work of art!

One of the unique glasses we use at Medot is the Italesse Sparkle. "Sparkle glasses impressed us right from their introduction to the market because both in terms of shape and a specially designed bottom, they represent a good balance between sensory perception and the view of bubbles when assessing perlage. In contrast to other more closed glasses, Sparkle glasses concentrate all the aromas, allowing us to feel them very well. These glasses precisely highlight the harmony of flavors in classic sparkling wine. Their special charm is added by finely polished small points at the bottom arranged in the shape of a flower – one in the center and six symmetrically around it, beautifully emphasizing the subtlety of bubbles characteristic of our sparkling wines. With these glasses, every tasting of sparkling wine becomes a real experience, and you will undoubtedly enchant your guests," said Simon Simčič, the owner of Medot.

In conclusion, remember, sparkling wine glasses are like a stage where the unique performance of bubbles and flavors unfolds. Every element, from shape to material, contributes to making the enjoyment of sparkling wines a truly unforgettable experience. So, when you decide which glass to choose, remember it's not just a glass but the key to the revelation of sparkling wine taste.

Wine is a work of art!
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Wine is a work of art!