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Journeys that Feed the Soul

Journeys that Feed the Soul

Wine tourism is more than just tasting different types of wines; it's a journey through the culture, art, history, and tradition of the region. It's a journey that combines exploring different wine-growing regions, meeting passionate winemakers, and enjoying the untouched beauty of nature. With this blog, we invite you to travel the world with inspiration of exploring wine regions and the stories of winemakers.

Discovering Wine Gems

Each wine-growing region carries a unique stamp created by different climatic conditions, soils, and traditions, making a visit a comprehensive experience that appeals to travelers. Wine journeys can be completely spontaneous, enhancing the travel experience in a chosen country, or meticulously planned with the aim of enriching knowledge and experiences and broadening horizons in the field of wine.

"We can talk about the first seeds of wine-motivated travel from the mid-19th century onwards, which is connected with the development of railways and primarily with the strengthening economic power of the middle class, which, in many respects, looks to the status symbols of the nobility and as a result there is an increasing demand for top quality wines from prestigious wine regions," explain authors Simon Kerma and Aleš Gačnik in an article on wine tourism. However, they emphasize that wine or wine-producing regions as a central element of the tourist experience are essentially a modern phenomenon with less than half a century of tradition, whereby the systematic beginning of the development of wine tourism can be traced mainly in the countries of the "new world", which is fundamentally different from the development of wine tourism in Europe or in the "old world".

V novem vinskem svetu

In the new wine world, including countries like Argentina and Chile, Australia and New Zealand, as well as the USA and South Africa, wine tourism is a key part of national tourism. "In the Napa Valley in California, balloon flights over vineyards were organized 30 years ago, wine tourism is built on attractions, but this is not the right recipe for the old wine world, which includes Europe. In Europe, opportunities for the development of wine tourism are elsewhere, in centuries-old traditions of viticulture and winemaking," emphasizes Aleš Gačnik.

Wine tourism encompasses visits to vineyards, winemakers, wine festivals, and wine events, with the primary motive being wine tasting and experiencing the uniqueness of the wine region. For us Europeans, wine tourism in the new world will often complement full-fledged transoceanic journeys, while dedicated wine travels to these places will attract passionate connoisseurs interested in novelties and willing to devote considerable energy, time, and money. But when visiting Italy, France or Spain, you almost certainly cannot go without at least one of the magnificent wine regions. You might casually wander among the sunny vineyards of Tuscany, where centuries-old wine traditions intertwine with modern approaches to production, or in the enchanting Bordeaux, home to some of the world's most esteemed vineyards. One of the most precious experiences in wine tourism is meeting the winemakers themselves, who love to share their passion for wine with their visitors. While visiting different wineries, you have the opportunity to meet winemakers firsthand. You listen to their stories about family traditions, the challenges of cultivation, and their vision for the future. These personal stories make each tasting even more special and unforgettable. During visits to wine-producing regions, you will also have the opportunity to explore local cuisine, taste specialties that pair perfectly with different wines. For example, when visiting Burgundy, you can indulge in exquisite cheeses like Brie and learn how to best pair this rich and creamy snack with elegant pinot noirs. Each region offers its unique flavors and experiences that complement the wine tasting.

Wine is a work of art!

Treasures hidden at Home

It is even easier to discover the many and varied Slovenian wine treasures, also so that on your next trip you can proudly share more about your homeland on your next journeys through wine regions around the world. After all, Zvonimir Simčič, the father of Rebula, considered Brda one of the best regions for white wines in the world.

Slovenia boasts numerous exceptional winemakers, who, according to assessments by esteemed wine critics at major international competitions, rank among the best in the world. In recent decades, significant steps have been taken from initial, sometimes rudimentary, to mature development of wine tourism in our wine regions. Due to differences in terroir, climate, and winemaking techniques, each wine-growing region has its selection of varieties, and our winemakers are particularly proud of autochtonoues grape varieties.

Zakladi, ki se skrivajo doma - miro šimčič

In Brda, home to Medot winery, we are especially proud of our Rebula and the collaboration of winemakers within the annual vertical tasting of Rebula for the most discerning wine writers and critics from around the world, Masterclass Brda, Home of Rebula. We believe that collaboration based on a clear strategy is the path to broader economic impacts of wine tourism, as noted by authors of global renown who visit us and wish to return, as Noah Charney wrote in his column for The Guardian.

Noah Charney, who was a Pulitzer Prize nominee, was so impressed by our region and Rebula that the book "Gold Wine - the Liquid Gold that Links Slovenia and Italy" was born, published by Rowman & Littlefield in Washington. The book tells the story of Rebula, its homeland in the cross-border region of Brda–Collio, and the brave people of Brda who elevated their lands to the status of one of the world's best regions for white wines.  It is written in a way that allows readers to learn alongside the author, making it interesting for both experts and general readers alike. Skillfully intertwining descriptions of natural beauty and the history of these places, it presents the Rebula grape through conversations with viticulture and wine experts and introduces winemakers from both sides of the border dedicated to top-quality wines from Rebula of different expressions.

One of Slovenia’s most esteemed ethnologists and art historians, Dr. Janez Bogataj, commented on the book: "It is not common in Slovenia to have a book about a single wine. The only wine in Slovenia that has monographs is cviček, of which there are three or four. For one wine to have such a monograph, this is new in Slovenia. This way of writing about wine is a novelty in the Slovenian space. We often stop too quickly with sommelier descriptions, but here we have a combination of modernity and historical development." Morana Polovič, the head of the Slovenia Unique Experiences project at the Slovenian Tourist Board, dedicated to promoting Slovenia in the field of gastronomy, emphasized its value in tourism: "The Gold Wine book is extremely important for promoting Slovenia as a wine destination in foreign markets. In this way, we place Slovenia alongside the largest wine regions. We are very proud of this indigenous variety."

Knjiga gold wine

The book is available in the Amazon online store and with several Brda winemakers. We are delighted to announce that it is also available at Medot, at the Father of Rebula' home, where you can purchase it individually or in a gift package together with a selected bottle of rebula.

Wine is a work of art!

Travel with Good Wine

Wine tourism is more than just visiting wineries and tasting wines; it is a journey that connects the visitor with nature, culture, and people. Through visits to different wine regions and meetings with winemakers, you gain insight into the complexity and beauty of the world of wine.

We invite you to embark on a wine journey where you will discover new flavors, learn stories, and connect with people who share your love for wine. May your journey be full of flavors, surprises, and unforgettable moments - a journey that will nourish your soul and pamper your taste buds. And of course, welcome to Medot. Santé!

Wine is a work of art!
Potovanja, ki nahranijo dušo
Potovanja, ki nahranijo dušo
Wine is a work of art!