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Give wine or sparkling wine - 3 ideas and 1 tip

Give wine or sparkling wine - 3 ideas and 1 tip
Wine is a work of art!

Giving wine is chic. Champagne - even more chic. With a well-chosen bottle of wine or sparkling wine, depending on the occasion, you're sure to make an impression. And when it's complemented by the right packaging, you'll add the icing on the cake that both the wine and the person to whom we give the gift deserve.

Wine is a work of art!

Since ancient times, gift-giving has been linked to the very essence of man. It is by expressing feelings, showing belonging and love, or seeing ourselves in the eyes of others that we fulfil ourselves as social beings. Above all, giving connects us. Connecting with the people around us gives us a sense of meaning and satisfaction that enlightens the soul and brings out the best in us.

You don't have to be a great wine connoisseur to choose a really good bottle for a gift. Here are some ideas:

1. When we give wine, we give a story

Let your selection be based on the story of the winery and the homestead, where knowledge is passed down through generations and is the pride of every winemaker. It can be based on the winemaker's relationship with nature, the art they show through the label, the name of the wine, or the values the wines express, such as elegance or harmony of flavours.

Find inspiration in the story.

2. You may not know the wine tastes of the recipients, but you may know their taste in food

Lean your selection towards food pairing. Show your friends acknowledgement of their mastery of home cooking by choosing a wine that goes well with certain dishes, for example, if you know they like fish, choose wine that goes well with the fish. Any specialist shop advisor or simple web search can help you choose. If you want to make a special impression and show originality, you can choose gourmet sparkling wines to accompany the meal. All our sparkling wines will give you a precise indication of the food they go perfectly with. Surprise.

Our wines

3. Anniversaries and memories

Memories are what count most in life. A special gift can also carry symbolic value over time. And it doesn't have to be just the year of birth. It can be the year when you first met that person, it can be linked to a memory of something beautiful, a journey or special life events and decisions. You can check the current selection of vintage wines at each winery.

Medot Millésime

Gift packaging should support the choice of wine 

You can't go wrong with a fine wine as a gift, and in Slovenia we really do have a many options to choose from. But don't forget that the package is also important, as it is an important element that completes the gift. If you have really taken the time to choose the wine, the gift packaging will make a significant contribution to the overall impression. The better the quality of the wine, the more elegant the gift packaging should be. It will definitively underline the character of your selection, whether through elegance or nature-orientation, for example, but above all it will underline the value of the product and, ultimately, your consideration of that value.

In other words, a wine without a special story in a gift bag without a special story can feel like you have just got rid of one bottle from your home wine shelf. When you've gone to the trouble of choosing, let the wrapping complement it. If you have an artistic flair, you're sure to have countless ideas for gift wrapping. But a sure-fire addition is the original gift wrapping from the winemaker or winery, especially when it comes to boutique choices.

At Medot, we have made it possible for you to buy gift packaging for our sparkling wines. This way, you can buy each of our sparkling wines with a matching cardboard gift box to accentuate the elegance. For more special occasions, you can choose a unique wooden box with Medot lettering to add a touch of tradition and prestige to your gift.

Ponudba vin

We recommend an exclusive wooden box for our vintage sparkling wines, which are made from only the best vintages of grapes and are the highlight of our sparkling range. Even among Champagnes, the best are distinguished by the length of time they are matured on yeast, as they are matured for 8 years or more, and Medot's vintage sparklers are also the longest.

Wooden boxes have traditionally been used to transport expensive bottles of wine. Probably it is this characteristic of accompanying the most precious wines that has made them a desirable decor in collectors' rooms and cellars. Sometimes we use them just for decoration, sometimes for practical purposes. If you don't have a special wine cellar or collecting ambitions at home, there are plenty of great ideas for using beautiful wooden boxes - they can be a decorative frame for flower pots, candles or spices in the kitchen, they can become birdhouses, you can use them to create drawers, or to stack towels in the bathroom... Just use your imagination.

There is also a ritual, where, after the wedding ceremony, the newlyweds hammer their chosen wine in a wooden box with nails, along with the vows they want to read when they open it. They usually decide in advance which anniversary will be for opening and tasting the fruits of their time together, and accordingly choose a wine that has the potential to be at its peak right then. Such an inspiring vow is possible even without a formal wedding, on a beautiful occasion.

So, the promised tip for the end: always choose packaging that supports the contents of the gift. It should not be more glamurous than the wine or the occasion, and of course vice versa, if the wine is very special, so should the packaging. Your gift should be a unique story that will connect you to the person you are gifting in an unforgettable way.

Wine is a work of art!

When buying Medot sparkling wines, pay attention to the offers together with the gift packaging.

Medot Rose


Medot Brut 48


Medot Extra-Brut Cuvée


Medot Millésime 2013

Wine is a work of art!

You can buy gift wrapping separately and have it on hand when you need it for gifts.

When you buy 3 bottles of magnum, you get a ZZYSH champagne stopper, which easily keeps a bottle of champagne open for a few weeks.
You can also read more about magnum champagnes in our blog.
Wine is a work of art!

You can also order an individual offer of gift packaging for special events or business gifts from us at Domačija Medot. See the offer:

Wine is a work of art!