Medot Brut 48
Medot Brut Rose

Medot Brut Rosé

Medot Brut Rosé is an excellent aperitif, but also an exceptional gourmet wine which is superbly complemented by food, especially prosciutto and dried meats or salmon and fish dishes.

The taste of strawberries and red fruit contrubutes to the full body of the sparkling wine, while notes of toasted bread and hazelnuts add to its complexity and fullness. The finish is very fresh and harmonious.
The multi-layered wine nose reveals a distinct fruity character and the beauty of long ripening on fine lees. We recognise a wonderful mix of aromas of citrus fruits, berries and hazelnut biscuits, as well as bread crust and honey.
Temperatura serviranja
Serving temperature
Recommended dishes
It can make a great aperitif or the right choice with raw and smoked fish, seafood, tempura vegetables, carpaccio, grilled chicken, and forest fruit desserts.

Wine specification sheet

Minister of Health warns: Excessive alcohol consumption is harmful to health!

Medot Rose
Wine is a work of art!
Wine is a work of art!
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